The Small Business Success Podcast, by Infusionsoft

The journey to success in small business is long and difficult—don’t go it alone. Join Infusionsoft co-founders Clate Mask (CEO) and Scott Martineau, two of the most respected names in small business, for an open and real conversation about what it takes to achieve the business growth you’re looking for. They’ll share triumphs, failures, and lessons learned in their 15-year journey from struggling entrepreneurs to executive leaders of a multimillion-dollar software company. Additional entrepreneurs from around the world join the dialogue to share small business tips and business inspiration. This podcast is dedicated to the brave, passionate professionals leading the charge for small business success everywhere in the world.
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The Small Business Success Podcast, by Infusionsoft


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Sep 27, 2017

We talk design methodology and user testing with James Archer & Stephanie Haworth.  Listen to learn how to ensure your product and marketing are working you want them to.  

Mentioned in the Episode:

Check out our Campaign Performance Tool to start testing your your marketing.

7 Reasons Why your A/B Split Tests Aren’t Working

Split Testing Guide for Ecommerce Sites

30 Email Split Test Ideas to Boost Conversions

How to Build a Culture of Experimentation

James Archer on Design Thinking

How to Do Graphic Design For Your Brand When You Have No Design Knowledge

Sep 20, 2017

Join Clate and Dusey as the talk to Brad Owens, who says traditional behavioral interviewing is out, and Attributional Interviewing is in.  Brad brings 10 years of experience hiring for some of the most profitable companies out there, and shares his expertise so small businesses can have the same advantages as Fortune 500 companies.  Brad is the host of the Small Business Hiring podcast, where he was recently joined by our very own hiring partner Lauren Borgeson.

Lauren also wrote the Hiring Kit we mentioned in the episode.

More resources to help you hire and interview:

How to Save Yourself from Bad Hiring Decisions

Strategies for Improving Your Hiring Success

Setting KPIs for Your Employees

Hire for Potential Not Just Experience

How to Pick the RIght Pre-Hire Assessment

The Three Most Revealing Interview Questions

Previous Episodes on Hiring:

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Sep 13, 2017

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Carla Miner is joined by Greg Jenkins from Monkeypod Marketing helps us answer a listener questions—how to segment your list, and how to keep promotions fresh?  You’ll need to listen to hear to hear the full answers, but you can also find a bunch of ideas on our blog post 26 Best Examples of Sales Promotions to Inspire Your Next Offer.  You can also check out our Cash In a Flash ebook, which walks you through the nitty gritty of managing a flash sale promotion.

Want to put the ideas in this episode into practice?  Try Infusionsoft for free. 

Sep 6, 2017

How do you know when to hire employees and leaders?  And how do you ensure they are invested in your business when you do?  Clate and Scott give the answer on today’s episode.

How do you know when it’s time to hire another employee?  Read “7 Ways You Know It’s Time to Hire Someone” to find out.  

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