The Small Business Success Podcast, by Infusionsoft

The journey to success in small business is long and difficult—don’t go it alone. Join Infusionsoft co-founders Clate Mask (CEO) and Scott Martineau, two of the most respected names in small business, for an open and real conversation about what it takes to achieve the business growth you’re looking for. They’ll share triumphs, failures, and lessons learned in their 15-year journey from struggling entrepreneurs to executive leaders of a multimillion-dollar software company. Additional entrepreneurs from around the world join the dialogue to share small business tips and business inspiration. This podcast is dedicated to the brave, passionate professionals leading the charge for small business success everywhere in the world.
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The Small Business Success Podcast, by Infusionsoft


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Oct 26, 2016

Ready to re-engage your leads? Let’s talk strategy. There are three steps: Collect leads, re-engage and drive them to an offer, and make it easier to purchase. David Bonney, Carey Ballard, and demand gen specialist Jared Kimball talk about ways to do those three things through low-entry point offers. Got a bunch of small offerings? You can create campaigns to warm your cold leads and close a sale. Have a service-based business with high price tags and find it hard to get people to commit? We have a fix for that.

And watch for episode 34 in two weeks, when we drill down even further into the specific tactics for re-engaging your leads.

Mentioned in this episode:

“Yes” by Robert Cialdini

Project Planning Framework

The Typical vs Perfect Customer Lifecycle

Need some lost leads to re-engage? Try our “Top 10 Places to Find Lost Leads.

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Oct 19, 2016

Way back in the early days of Infusionsoft, Clate and Scott had a truck that didn’t work so reliably. Nicknamed “Squeaker,” the truck is at the center of a certain nearly-infamous and humbling incident, in which the execs Clate and Scott just had a sales meeting with saw them unsuccessfully trying to start Squeaker—a few times.

Clate and Scott share what that incident taught them, namely that it’s relationships, not appearances, that make a deal, and that everything is a season—with a bit of perspective and humor, you’ll get through the tough times in your business and your life.

It’s never too late—or too early—to plan for your business. Check out our ebook, “Your Game Plan.”

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Oct 12, 2016

Need more sales? Think that to get more sales you need to get more new leads? You could actually raise sales by re-engaging the leads you already have. All those leads who weren’t ready to buy, or went off the grid? What it takes is reigniting a relationship with those leads, providing them value, and solving their pain points. Jared Kimball, a demand gen specialist, joins David Bonney and Carey Ballard to talk about the concept of how to re-engage leads.

Make sure to tune in in two weeks as they dive deeper into what you need to re-engage leads and the strategy behind doing so.

Want to get down the basics of lead capture? Check out our ebook, “The Small Business Guide to Capturing Leads.”

Mentioned in this episode:  Typical vs Perfect Customer Lifecycle

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Oct 5, 2016

We’re introducing a new kind of episode to the mix! We’ve got director of content Carey Ballard teaming up with small business success expert David Bonney to talk through the strategies, how-tos, and tactics you need to grow your small business. Carey and David talk with Scott Martineau about the concepts behind Infusionsoft’s Small Business Success Method, which helps business owners go from where they are to where they want to be through incremental, repeatable improvements. And no, you don’t have to be an Infusionsoft customer.

They also chat about David’s experiences with entrepreneurship, the biggest mistakes he sees small businesses make, and making the incremental improvements that will be game changers for your business.

Get ready to grow your business! Get into strategic planning mode with “Your Game Plan.”
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