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Small Biz Buzz, by Keap

Sep 23, 2020

Amber Anderson, owner of Tote + Pears, joins Small Biz Buzz to discuss how to market to an underserved audience with the appropriate ads, in this case, women and their families.

Amber Anderson’s agency, Tote + Pears, focuses on supporting startups with product management and branding. About two and a half years after launching, she made the decision to focus 100% on women–women being consumers, women being employees, and women being the thread that tied a lot of things together.

“[Women] make over 85% of all consumer purchasing decisions, and in many cases, they are the ones that are driving the decisions in their families,” said Anderson. “So that's how we got started and how we became a female-focused branding agency.”

Brands and businesses usually don't ask, you're a woman and you're what else? That's the position that Anderson’s agency takes at Tote + Pears. “I feel like if we did that more often, we'd see a lot of ads that connected more authentically,” Anderson said.

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