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Small Biz Buzz, by Keap

May 6, 2020

Small Biz Buzz hosts Crystal Heuft and Scott Martineau are joined by Jasmine Star, a photographer and business strategist who empowers entrepreneurs to build a brand and market it on social media to grow their business.

“Your net worth is your network and that network is really built on social these days and that has been a game changer for my business,” said Star.

The secret to a successful social media presence is the ability for people to show up consistently. It wasn't until Star had crafted a plan for consistency that people would expect her to show up as a representation of her business and her brand. She had created a brand using a blog with nothing more than her words and being consistent, and applied that same ideology to Instagram.

Her social curator business will help any type of content or organization see authentic engagement on social media.  

“You are enough. Do you have the willingness to keep on pushing forward to get to where you want to go? I believe that we all have that wild ability for success as long as you remain undaunted,” said Star.

Jasmine Star can be found on all social platforms @JasmineStar. You can also find her at and all of her social media membership. For those who want to create a brand in marketing and social media, you can find her at

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